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The Vault is an application for iOS devices that securely stores and organizes all of your confidential information - passwords, PINs, credit and debit card information, bank account numbers, etc. all encrypted and protected by a single password that only you know.

It has been on the iPhone App Store continuously since 2008!

The program never uses the Internet or the "cloud". There are no "servers". There is no sharing of data. The data is stored exclusively on your iOS device. Everything you do is completely private to your device. Almost all the other "secure" password apps store your information in "The Cloud" and have been hacked at least once, some more than once. Why trust "The Cloud"?

We don't store your data. We don't collect any. We can't. The Vault isn't connected to anything and doesn't send out any information at all.

... and best of all, it only costs $1.99, less than a tall-mocha-latte! There's no subscription fee, no in-app purchasing, no advertisements. A one-time payment of $1.99 (plus tax) is all you pay.

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