The Vault Version 3.1 - Release Notes

Version 3.1 is a bug-fix release.

This version updates the OpenSSL library which is used by the mini-webserver export feature. The new library (version 1.0.1g) corrects the "Heartbleed" security vulnerability.

The Vault Version 3.0 - Release Notes

Version 3.0 is a major re-write for The Vault.

Some of the NEW Features for Version 3.0 are:

The Vault Version 2.7 - Release Notes

Version 2.7 adds support for iOS6 and iPhone 5.

The Vault Version 2.6 - Release Notes

Version 2.6 is a bug fix release.

The Vault Version 2.5 - Release Notes

Version 2.5 adds support for iOS 4.

This version improves the appearance of The Vault on iPhone 4 devices and corrects a problem which did not allow the application to properly lock on iOS 4 devices.

The Vault Version 2.4 - Release Notes

Version 2.4 corrects a security issue for users of iOS4.

To ensure good security, version 2.4 of The Vault has been changed so that it will correctly lock the application when an iOS4 user switches to a different application, preventing inadvertant disclosure of secret data.

The Vault Version 2.3 - Release Notes

Version 2.3 is a bugfix release.

A potential bug has been corrected which caused an incorrect display of the web URL used in the Export feature. In addition, a number of calls to deprecated methods have been removed and other code cleanup changes have been made.

The Vault Version 2.2 - Release Notes

Version 2.2 is a bugfix release.

A bug has surfaced when using the Vault under iPhone OS 3.1. It causes an error when loading the data file. Version 2.2 corrects the bug. We recommend installing Version 2.2 before installing iPhone OS 3.1, to avoid any disruption in accessing your data, however installation of version 2.2 may be done after installing iPhone OS 3.1, if necessary.

The Vault Version 2.1 - Release Notes

Version 2.1 is a bugfix release.

Under certain circumstances, when viewing the secrets via a Web Browser, the wrong item would be displayed when attempting to view an individual item. This has been corrected.

The Vault Version 2.0 - Release Notes

Version 2.0 adds a significant number of new features to The Vault.

The Vault Version 1.1 - Release Notes

Version 1.1 of The Vault has been released. This is a bug-fix release. Additional features are coming in version 2.0.

The bugs that have been fixed in release 1.1 are...